Dr. Mark Bryngelson and the friendly staff at Life Wellness Center, invite residents of Stafford, Fredericksburg, Falmouth and the surrounding VA communities to our healing clinic. Our Stafford chiropractor uses natural services to ease your aches and pains, restore your body to health and help you recover from injuries. If you are searching for a chiropractor in the Stafford area, we encourage you to learn more about Dr. Bryngelson and our wellness team. Our goal is to align your body so that it is able to heal itself. We use chiropractic principles to achieve this and may combine gentle adjustments with lifestyle changes, nutritional support and exercise guidance. As we support your wellness, you discover increased energy, less pain and an improvement in your mood.

Stafford Chiropractic Services

Life Wellness Center uses chiropractic care to alleviate back pain, neck pain, joint pain, fatigue, auto accident injuries, sports injuries, work-related injuries and more. If you are dealing with daily concerns such as headaches, difficulty sleeping or weight gain, we also have effective solutions for you. Dr. Bryngelson examines your spine to determine the best approach for your condition. This gives our Stafford chiropractor information about how your body is functioning and also tells him where improvements can be made. After a complete chiropractic examination, we complete a care plan designed personally for you. We include services such as:

  • Chiropractic adjustments – Dr. Bryngelson adjusts the vertebrae of your spine to achieve a healthier and painless alignment. He uses a technique known as Advanced Bio-Structural Correction, ABC. This technique focuses on the body’s balancing system to determine where your misalignments are located. The adjustments are made using a backward motion to help your muscles support the manipulation.
  • Pettibon System – these diagnostic and rehabilitative services use x-rays to help diagnose your condition and we show you how to use techniques at home for a faster recovery.
  • Corrective exercises – our wellness team teaches you to stretch to improve your range of motion and resistance exercises to improve your strength.

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Dr. Bryngelson delivers a personal approach to your chiropractic care. Instead of performing a pre-set order of chiropractic adjustments, our Stafford chiropractor uses the ABC technique to discover the exact location of any spinal misalignment. You feel confident knowing that during each chiropractic visit, your spinal needs are evaluated and met. Every day is different and depending on your job, your activities, the way you sleep and your stress level, your spine requires unique adjustments. Dr. Bryngelson understands this and works with your body to alleviate pain and improve your health. If you are struggling to overcome pain in your back, neck, joints or head, let us show you the effectiveness of chiropractic care. You remain medication-free so your body continues to make health improvements. As you progress through care, you discover how great you can feel at any age. To learn more or to schedule your appointment, please call us at (540) 720-6000.