Non-Surgical Answers for Car Accident Injuries at Life Wellness Center

A car accident may be over with in a split-second, but the consequences can linger on through the injuries it inflicts. From whiplash and torn muscles to pinched nerves, vertebral misalignment, and sciatica, you may be suffering from a variety of aches, pains, and physical limitations. But before you start talking to surgeons, pay a visit to Life Wellness Center to learn about our safe, effective, non-surgical methods for treating these debilitating injuries.

Auto Injury Accidents and Your Body

Auto injury accidents usually involve the transfer of considerable amounts of force. Even if your car was only moving at 5 miles per hour, your body can suffer when that much sheer mass screeches to a halt. Whiplash is perhaps the most obvious result. Your head whips back and forth, tearing the neck muscles, disrupting vertebral alignment and pinching nerve tissue. The lower regions of your spinal column may also experience damage, especially if your trunk is subjected to violent twisting forces. A misalignment in the lumbar spine can dislodge and herniate discs positioned near the sciatic nerve roots, and the resulting impingement can leave you with a classic case of acute sciatica.

Many people make the mistake of assuming that they are uninjured by their auto accident simply because they feel no pain. In fact, the shock and excitement of the event may cause a delayed onset of symptoms. This can prove even worse than suffering immediate, recognizable symptoms, because while you’re not getting help, scar tissue can build up around the tissues, greatly adding to the eventual pain and loss of function.

State-of-the-Art Auto Accident Treatment From Our Stafford, Virginia Chiropractor

Our Stafford, Virginia chiropractor at Life Wellness Center, Dr. Bryngelson, can examine your spinal column and evaluate your symptoms to determine exactly what kinds of damage you may have sustained from your accident. This enables us to administer the latest in conservative care techniques to help put things right again, including:

  • Advanced BioStructural Correction (ABC) – ABC is an innovative yet totally safe chiropractic adjustment protocol that focuses on correcting difficult misalignments that force the body to create yet more misalignments in a failed effort to compensate. ABC also breaks up adhesions in the meninges, nerve tissue surrounding the spinal canal, to relieve nervous system dysfunction.
  • MLS M6 Class 4 Cold Laser – Our MLS M6 Class 4 Cold Laser represents the latest advance in therapeutic laser technology. This multi-target device can emit painless laser energy over a wider treatment area than previous generations of laser devices, stimulating healing responses at the cellular level while also relieving pain and inflammation.

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